Ever wonder what the difference is in an e-book (electronic book) and an audio book (cd, cassette or mp3)? Your library offers them all!
An E-book or Electronic Book is the digital media equivalent of a traditional printed book. These books are downloaded from an e-book server and read on your home computer or a digital media reader, like an Amazon Kindle. You can download and read free e-books through the State Library of Kansas Website under Digital Ebooks. They have 100s of titles in fiction and nonfiction.
An Audio book is the text of a book recorded onto a CD or cassette. An audio book can also be digital, an MP3. The State Library website also offers audio books in a downloadable format to listen on your computer or MP3 player.
You can get to the E-books and Audio site for the Kansas Library through our website: https://sclibrary.info
Click the Audio/e-books link on the right side of the site.
Check it out!

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