Congratulations to the following for their participation in our 2011 Young Author Contest. The Winning Books will be bound and available to check out at the Library in late April following the Young Author Reception.


Rhiley Stoppel, 1st grade
Dutch Turner, 2nd grade
Piper Wasinger, 3rd grade
Josiah Evans, 4th grade
Kaitlyn Roberts, 5th grade
Carson Haupt, 6th grade
Macy Davis, 8th grade
Christopher Green, 9th grade
Kristal Patton, 12th grade

Honorable Mentions

Sawyer Stevens, 2nd grade
Lanae Ann Haupt, 3rd grade
Blake Koehn, 3rd grade
Makaella Stevens, 5th grade
Abbigail Prochnow, 5th grade
Clarissa Ratzlaff, 6th grade
Karen Gonzalez, 6th grade
Holly Wilcoxson, 9th grade
Rachel Anliker, 9th grade
Taylor George, 9th grade

Winners and Honorable Mentions Announced in the 2011 Young Author Contest