Congratulations to our 2012 Young Author Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions!  A Reception will be held on Sunday, August 19, to honor the winners and their families.

2nd Grade

Winner:  Clare Hawkins

Honorable Mention:  Rhiley Stoppel

 3rd Grade

Winner:  Cheri Koehn

Honorable Mentions:  Erik Martinez, Taia Waldrop

5th Grade

Winner:  Tyrah Dirks

Honorable Mentions:  Kianna Decker, Bryan Koehn

 6th Grade

Winner:  Kayla Appel

Honorable Mentions:  Hunter Stevens, Robert Cummins, Taysia Nightengale

 7th Grade

Winner:  Brittany Decker

Honorable Mention:  Wilson Koehn

 8th Grade

Winner:  Brandi Koehn

Honorable Mention:  Tyler Decker

 High School

Winner:  Macy Davis

Honorable Mentions:  Elizabeth Parkinson, Tom Chambless, Chantz Yeager

Illustrated Children’s Book

Winner:  Chelsea Barnhart, 9th Grade

Young Author Winners Announced