Digital Storybooks for Kids!

Have you checked out these cool book sites for kids?  These books work directly in your browser, so there is no software to download.  Books will work on any device with an internet browser (including color ereaders).

How do I access the Kids’ Storybooks?
Most people will be able to access these books without login from the Kids eBooks page at the State Library of Kansas:  If your internet service address does not register as Kansas, you will need to login with a Kansas Library eCard which you can get free at your library.


What does it have?
Animated picture story books matched with a non-fiction book.  Each book pair may also have 2-3 games/puzzles.

Using a Book:

  • Select a subject to see the pairs of books. When you select a pair, you then can play the story or read the non-fiction book.
  • Each book’s puzzles/games can be accessed after selecting a book pair.
  • Resources section in the upper right side is for parents and librarians.

anima tumblebooksWhat does it have? 
Mostly animated, picture story books with audio.  Some chapter books with optional audio are for slightly older kids (no animation or images). Some National Geographic videos, non-fiction books, and games will match topics with books.

Mobile devices – always confirm you are on mobile!
When a mobile device accesses TB, it should recognize that you are on a mobile device. If you are not on mobile version, look for the “Choose” option in that looks like a language selector.  Pick “mobile” from this and tap “go.”

Options for finding & saving books on TB: 

  • Searching: the simple search box in the upper right works well, especially for keywords.
  • Playlists (does not work for mobile yet): if your child wants to watch several books, click the “add to playlist” button while browsing.  Click the Playlist link in the gray bar to get to your list.  Please note that these will not be saved if you exit the screen.   TB has pre-made some playlists (holidays, bugs, etc).  Use the Playlists button on the main page to see these.
  • My Cloud account: if your child likes to re-watch the same things over and over, create a My Cloud account.  This allows you to use the “add to favorites” button, and you will not have to go searching for the books they like again.


Britannica E-STAX (nonfiction ebooks for kids) also has a banner on the Kids eBooks page.


Stop in at Scott County Library today to get more information or click the icons on the right sidebar to give Kids Digital Storybooks a try!

2015 William Allen White Book Awards Announced

Emporia, May 6, 2015

Stories that feature animals again take center stage in the books selected by Kansas schoolchildren as the winners of the 2015 William Allen White Children’s Book Awards.

malcolm at midnight Buddy









“Malcolm at Midnight,” by W.H. Beck was selected by voters in Grades 3 through 5.

“Buddy,” by M.H. Herlong, was selected by voters in Grades 6 through 8.

Malcolm, the title character in Beck’s book, is a class rat — the four-legged kind with a tail. He’s a pet at McKenna School, and he revels in the attention. Other classroom pets are part of the Midnight Academy, a secret society that works to keep the nutters (schoolchildren) safe. When the Academy’s iguana leader is kidnapped, Malcolm is a prime suspect because rats have a horrible reputation.

“Malcolm came to me as I was researching animals for a nonfiction series I was working on,” said Beck. “I read all these incredible facts about rats — they can fall from tremendous heights and be fine, they can squeeze through spaces the size of a quarter, they can gnaw through cement and lead and glass — and it struck me that rats really were quite amazing. But they have such a bad reputation! I liked that contrast.” The contrast led to “Malcolm at Midnight.”

In Herlong’s “Buddy,” the relationship between Tyrone “Li’l T” Roberts and his dog, Buddy, is the backdrop to a larger story of surviving Hurricane Katrina and rebuilding. Li’l T finds Buddy when his family accidentally hits the stray dog while driving to church. The family adopts Buddy, but when Hurricane Katrina hits their city of New Orleans, the family flees, Li’l T has to leave Buddy behind, and Buddy goes missing. When they return to their devastated home and city, Li’l T refuses to give up on his quest to find his best friend.

The William Allen White Children’s Book Award program began after the famed journalist’s death on Jan. 29, 1944 — Kansas Day — when two memorial foundations were created in his name.  Students cast their votes for their favorite books from the list of nominees in April of each year.

2015 Young Authors Contest

young authors contest imageIt is time again for the Young Author Contest.  Entries will be accepted through May 1, 2015 by 5:00 PM.   Any student in any school in Scott County is eligible to enter the contest. The contest is open to 1st through 12th grade. Winners will be announced on May 11th with a reception on August 30, 2015.

Participants in grades 7-12 can enter three divisions; Fiction Story, Children’s Picture Book and Graphic Novel. Students in grades 7-12 may participate in one or all of these categories. A children’s picture book is formatted in 32 pages including the title page with illustrations. The Graphic Novel category is similar to a comic book story.

Again for 2015 is a Poetry Contest open to grades 1-12! One winner will be selected in this division. Only ONE ENTRY per student is allowed. The Winning Poem will be awarded a special prize TBA.  All entries require an Entry Form which can be downloaded from our Young Authors Page.

2015 Poetry Contest Theme is “BOOKS”.

All poems should be centered on this theme but are allowed artistic license as long as the theme is incorporated.

 Guidelines and information are available to view and print from the Young Authors Page on this website, or you may stop by the library to pick them up. You may also call the Library at 872-5341 if you have questions. Thanks for your participation!

Celebrate Kansas @ Your Library

kansas flagKansas Day is this week!  Kansas will turn  154 on Thursday, January, 29, 2015.  Stop in Your Library and check out some books from our Kansas Sections, try your hand at some Kansas Trivia, work on our Kansas Puzzle, or read our collection of Kansas Magazines.  Our display case is highlighting the symbols of Kansas including 2 new ones making their Kansas Day Debut:  State Fossils, Tylosaurus & Pteranodon.  Kids will enjoy reading about their State Symbols and can see our glow-in-the-dark pteranodon in the kids nook!

Come in and Celebrate with Us @ Your Library!

Last Chance @ Summer Science LAB-rary!

WholegroupThis is our last week in the LAB-rary for our Summer Reading Science Camp, BUT it doesn’t mean you are out of time! 

Haven’t started reading? 

Haven’t signed up? 

NO WORRIES!   You have until July 15, 2014 to finish the program and receive fun gifts and coupons for your efforts!

Stop in TODAY and become a Super LAB-rary Scientist!

Summer Reading @ Scott County LAB-rary!

ChemistryIt’s time to sign up for Summer Reading Science Camp 2014 starting Monday, May 19th!

Ages birth through Adult are invited to sign up for our annual programming that begins with a Kick Off Night on June 3, 2014 @ 7:00 pm.  Mad Science of Oklahoma will present a Fizz Boom Pop science night at the Lab-rary for all ages!

Programs in the Lab-rary begin on June 10th and will include lots of hands on experiments to promote reading and exploration.  A Family Exploration Activity is also part of the programming during June in which families can win an invitation to a Super Science Night!  Coupons and prizes sponsored by Dairy Queen, Cakery Bakery, Braun’s Butcher Block, Farm Bureau, Heartland Foods, and the Scott County Fair Board are awarded weekly!

Enroll at the Lab-rary (that’s fun term for our library this summer) or Online!