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It may be cold outside, but brave the cold with our Winter Storywalk, Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson!

Bear’s friends stop by his cave to warm up and decide it’s a great place to have a tea party!

Will Bear be disturbed by all the noise?  Will the smell popcorn popping and the whistling tea kettle wake up the sleeping bear?

Grab your coat, a hat and gloves, and hit the trail to find out if waking Bear in the middle of winter is a good idea.

StoryWalk® is an innovative and invigorating way for children and adults to enjoy reading and activity together outdoors.

Scott County Library and the Walking Trail Committee are very excited to add StoryWalk® to the Happy Trails Walking Trail located at Palmer Park.  The
StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition and the Kellogg Hubbard Library.

A STORYWALK is a way to combine physical activity with literacy; this may seem like an odd mix, but it’s an innovative way to get people of all ages out walking while reading children’s picture books. Pages of a book are transformed into signs that are then laid out on a trail inviting families, children, caregivers, teachers and others to follow the path of pages.  The goal of the STORYWALK® is to help build children’s interest in reading whileIMG_3012
encouraging healthy outdoor activity for both adults and children. STORYWALKS® have been installed in 48 states as well as in the countries of Germany, Canada, England and Bermuda. STORYWALK® aligns perfectly with the philosophy that stresses the vital importance of reconnecting children and the natural world.

Our StoryWalk®  is a self-guided reading adventure!  Follow the 18 stations around the playground trail and its outer trail and enjoy this season’s book and activities!

Our Current StoryWalk®:

Bear Snores On

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Upcoming StoryWalk®:

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